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Empower women, revolutionize technology together.

Tokopedia Academy Women Tech Hub is a community that connects women with a similar passion for technology. In this community, we believe in encouraging women to explore, learn, and discover how we can build world-class digital talents and advance Indonesia through technology.

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Learn together from digital experts

  • Start connecting
    Start connecting

    Meet curious and like-minded women tech enthusiasts who share the same vision on tech progress, organization, and leadership.

  • Collaborate with community
    Collaborate with community

    Find solutions to Indonesia's most prominent tech challenges and unlock the key to the country's digital transformation.

  • Learn & get inspired
    Learn & get inspired

    Learn from a diverse group of female leaders with unique experiences and backgrounds in their tech careers.

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We welcome every woman to Tokopedia Academy!

  • Women who aspire to contribute and take a step towards the tech age, also eager to learn and contribute to other women in the community..
  • Motivated individuals who are driven to build high-quality tech solutions and innovations to enrich Indonesia's tech landscape.
  • Women from various educational and professional backgrounds is always welcome!

Exclusive for Women Tech Hub members

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  • Who is eligible to be part of the Tokopedia Academy community?
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    Anyone who shares same interest in digital or technology is welcome to be part of us. There are types of community based on your profile. If you are Tech enthusiast you can join Tech Hub, if you are a student, you can join the Student Tech Hub, if you're women and interest to join the community, you can join the Women Tech Hub.
  • Will I need to pay anything as part of the community?
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    No, joining this community is free of charge. There are no any administrative or registration fee, moreover you get many benefit by joining part of the Tokopedia Academy Comunity, from new network, new learnings, and many more!
  • I live with high mobility, is it possible for me to join the community?
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    Yes of course, this community is open to any people from any backgrounds. We provide online and offline events, so you can choose to join based on your domicile.
  • As part of the community, do I need to join every events? Is there any penalty if I miss one or more events?
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    Joining a community is to grow together and a place where you can have supports, therefore there are no any force in joining the events. If you cannot join one events due to schedule or any other reasons, is still okay, but we are positively encourage to you join any events available, so you can develop more, get more network, as well the excitement!

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