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9 Million in 9 Years9 Million in 9 Years
9 Million in 9 Years
In 2030, Indonesia is projected to need 113 million digital talents. However, looking at the current condition, Indonesia is projected only to fulfill 104 million of the needs, meaning that we will lack 9 million digital talents by 2030. This problem cannot be solved by one entity only. It requires everyone, including a partnership between the industry, universities and learning partners.
Tokopedia Academy is here to work together with you in bridging the gap. Together, we aspire to be a learning ground for Indonesia’s future digital talents and connect people in the community. We provide learning access for everyone through a carefully selected curriculum, mentoring sessions, expert trainers and contributors from the industry. Thus, whether you’re a learner, expert, academic, or an industry player, we would like to help you to:
Understand the latest innovation in the industry through thousands of articles, learning videos, mentoring sessions, and even regular tech events that will help you to hone your skills and keep up with the industry.
Share your knowledge and expertise as a contributor, based on your preferable format. Let your learnings and innovations be known by millions of future digital talents, helping them to grow their skills.
Collaborate to create an inclusive learning environment where you can share your knowledge through articles, videos, or even join the available events and encourage students to combine the knowledge they get at school with the practical knowledge given by the experts in the industry.
Be An Agent of Change
Be an agent of change by sharing your solutions and innovations with others through joint events or learning materials available on the website. By doing so, your innovation and ideas will drive your company and help the whole industry go even further.